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Arxiv e l’importanza di un titolo (abstract) buffo parte II

Molto spesso le riviste di chimica prediligono abstract grafici e, in qualche rara occasione, il messaggio veicolato da queste immagini viene leggermente “equivocato”. Ci sono un paio di esempi:
Tratta da Nerdy Science Blog

E che ne dite dei titoli proposti dalla veterana Eva Silverstein?
Miracle at the Gepner point
Closing the Generation Gap
The Tachyon at the End of the Universe
Simple exercises to flatten your potential

Neutrinos that violate CPT, and the experiments that love them
Noncommutative Bundles and Instantons in Teheran
Ham Sandwich with Mayo: A Stronger Conclusion to the Classical Ham Sandwich Theorem

The socceral force (we have an audacious dream...)

Is topological Skyrme Model consistent with the Satandard Model?
27/32 (semplice e conciso)
10 = 6+4 (ma va?)

Holy balls!

E per quel che riguarda gli abstract sacrileghi abbiamo ben più di un semplice esempio:

Quantum weak coin flipping with arbitrarily small bias
""God does not play dice. He flips coins instead." And though for some reason He has denied us quantum bit commitment. And though for some reason he has even denied us strong coin flipping. He has, in His infinite mercy, granted us quantum weak coin flipping so that we too may flip coins.
Instructions for the flipping of coins are contained herein. But be warned! Only those who have mastered Kitaev's formalism relating coin flipping and operator monotone functions may succeed. For those foolhardy enough to even try, a complete tutorial is included. "

A Synthetic Stellar Polarization Atlas from 400 to 1000 nm
"% context heading (optional)

{With the development of new polarimeters for large telescopes, the spectro-polarimetric study of astrophysical bodies is becoming feasible and, indeed, more frequent. In particular, this is permitting the observational study of stellar magnetic fields} % aims heading (mandatory) {With the aim to optimize and interpret this kind of observations, we have produced a spectral atlas of circular polarization in a grid of stellar atmospheric models with effective temperatures between 3500 and 10000 K, surface gravities $\log(g)=3.5-5$, metallicities between 10$^{-2}$ and 1, and magnetic field strengths of 100, 1000 and 5000~G} % methods heading (mandatory) {We have computed the emergent Stokes $I$ and $V$ flux spectra in LTE of more than 10$^5$ spectral lines} % results heading (mandatory) {The atlas and several numerical tools are available in electronic format and may be downloaded from this http URL In this paper we review and discuss some of its most relevant features, such as which spectral regions and individual lines harbor the strongest signals, what are interesting lines to observe, how to disentangle field strength from filling factor, etc.}"

The Mystery of Parity
"And should I not take pity on Nineveh, that great city, with more than a hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants who do not know their right hand from their left, and many beasts besides?" [Jonah 4:11]

Ferroelectrics go bananas
"We show that ordinary bananas exhibit closed loops of switched charge versus applied voltage that are nearly identical to those misinterpreted as ferroelectric hysteresis loops in crystals. The 'ferroelectric' properties of bananas are contrasted with those of the real ferroelectric material Ba2NaNb5O15, often nicknamed 'bananas'."

Qualche titolo più recente:
Closing the window for massive photons
"Working with the assumption of non-zero photon mass and a trajectory that is described by the relativistic world-line of a spinning top we find, by deriving new astrophysical bounds, that this assumption is in contradiction with todays experimental results. This yields the conclusion that the photon has to be exactly massless."
The Stargate switch
"An episode of Stargate SG-1 features a two-body mind-switching machine which will not work more than once on the same pair of bodies. The plot centers around two disjoint pairs of individuals who swap minds but subsequently wish they could reverse the process. Writer Tor Valenza ends the drama with a day-saving sequence of four mind swaps that returns everyone back to normal. This paper considers the more general situation where an arbitrary number of disjoint pairs swap minds. We call the result of this mass swapping "the Stargate switch". Using group theory, we present an optimal algorithm for restoring all minds to their original bodies. We also prove a related result for a generalization of the Stargate switch. "

E per finire qualche titolo un pò più datato:
Superbanana Orbits in Stellarator Geometries

Authors: J. A. Derr, J. L. Shohet
Journal-ref: Phys. Rev. Lett. 43, 1730–1733 (1979)

Walking in the SU(N)
Higgs Pain? Take a Preon!
The axis of evil
Much ado about nothing: a treatise on empty and not-so-empty spacetimes
Cosmological Supersymmetry Breaking and the Power of the Pentagon: A Model of Low Energy Particle Physics
The Battle of Albuera, the FC Liverpool and the Standard Model

Se l'argomento vi appassiona (e credo che a qualcuno potrebbe interessare) ci sono altre due lunghe liste di titoli scemi, le trovate qui e qua.

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