domenica 12 settembre 2010

"Dell Cross B" and "Ode to Quantum Mechanics"

Ragazzi, oggi vi consiglio questa pagina facebook: Physicist TV; una vera chicca per nerd, geek e affini. Fra i vari video proposti ho scelto questi due: Dell Cross B (riadattamento della mitica Let it Be) e Ode to Quantum Mechanics (Oh! Susanna).

Buon divertimento:)

Dell Cross B


When I find that there is charge in space,
James Clerk Maxwell comes to me,
"Charge creates an E-field,
Del dot E."

And when there is a current,
It creates a curly B
In the right hand direction,
Del cross B

Del dot E
Del cross E
Del dot B
Del cross B
Maxwell's field equations,
Del cross B

Now all the magnetic dipoles,
Living in this world agree,
There are no monopoles,
Del dot B.

And though they both seem different,
They are coupled so the eye can see,
Partial B partial t,
Del cross E.

Ode to Quantum Mechanics


Oh, it starts with James Clerk Maxwell and his laws we know so well
From lines of flux to waves of light and everything is swell
Then along comes guys like Schrodiner, Dirac and Fermi, too
And say goodbye to every thing you might have thought was true

Quantum Mechanics!
It might have several quirks
but no one can deny the fact that quantum theory works

Well quantum really ain't so tough as long as one can chew
on a second-order, complex-valued partial diff-e.q.
The secret to an understanding of duality
The only that's "waving" is the probability

Quantum Mechanics!
It ain't so tough you'll see
It's just a bunch of particles acting stochastic-ly

Uncertainty is not so odd as long as we're aware
position and momentum are a Fourier transform pair
So anything that tightens our precision on the one
means certainty about the other value gets undone

Quantum Mechanics!
It's strange and we agree
but at least it's much simpler to learn than relativity!
Quantum Mechanics!
It might have several quirks
but no one can deny the fact that quantum theory works

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  1. Urca! Questi, con il tuo permesso, me li porto su Scientificando.

    Smack, smack!

  2. Non c'è bisogno di chiedere il permesso...prendi tutto quello che ti piace:)


  3. La seconda è davvero strepitosa, purtroppo per me le fatidiche equazioni di Maxwell sono peggio della peperonata! :D

  4. Ma dai! E' molto peggio la peperonata :D