sabato 19 settembre 2009

Navi a perdere nei mari calabresi: approfondimento

"Turncoat Francesco Fonti has identified a wreck located a few months ago by environmental workers as MV Kunsky or Cunsky and says he sunk it himself in 1992, complete with 100 barrels of radioactive waste....
Fonti claims he blew it up with explosives from Holland and it was used to dispose of Norwegian nuclear waste....."
"Prosecutors say it appears the issue is displaying "all the appearances of being a confirmation". Fonti says waste was disposed of for businesses across Europe."
"Fonti claims that Italian TV journalist Ilaria Alpi's 1994 murder alongside her cameraman was because she had seen toxic waste arive in Bosaso, Somalia."
Tratto da Wikinews.

Grazie a G. Filippelli di ScienceBackstage, vengo a conoscenza di questo articolo, pubblicato su Wikinews il 17 settembre. Dategli uno sguardo.

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